Bio: A Londoner by birth, I moved to the broad skies of Yorkshire roughly a decade ago and still yet to regret it. That's me in the picture above, in the back garden of the family house in Leytonstone. You can see the shed my dad built in the background. A divan and mattress maker by trade, I cannot remember any part of my early life without dad planning some DIY project to improve the house. Poor mum, those years meant dust was everywhere and she saw many changes in the house she first moved in to, at 14, in 1935. Always a solitary person, life has not deemed it necessary for me to have a soulmate. It does mean however, that many of the lessons given freely by the university of life have been hard ones and well learnt. Through Living alone and loving it, I plan to share some of my experiences, regardless of them being good, bad or indifferent. So here goes. Lets grow together. Over the years I've collected a number of books, DVDs, CDs and Cassettes, some of which I haven't really looked at in years. My collection has grown too big for the flat and rather put them into storage, which guarantees I won't look at them again, I decided to sell them. You can find my current selection under Something to… on the Amazon.co.uk website. Something to… is my other WP site and there I shall, eventually post my impressions of books I've read and links to professional book reviews.

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